Which sports to do you cover?

Currently we cover football (soccer), ice hockey, rugby and basketball. But more sports will be added shortly.

Which teams and leagues can I subscribe to?

We have thousands of leagues and teams from all around the world. Please search for the team or league that you are interested in and let us know if can’t find your favorite.

I use Google Calendar. Do I need to grant SportsCalendar access to my account.

No, you don’t. It may be the simplest alternative to use our Google Calendar integrations. But you can also do this manually. Please choose the “Other/Manual” option, copy the link that is generated and then follow this guide to create a calendar in Google that updates automatically. Manually add Google Internet Calendar (“Add using a link”) We will only access the calendars you subscribe to from Sportscalendar.net. We NEVER access (read, change, delete) any of your personal calendars.

My calendar does not seem to update

Please drop us a mail at contact@sportscalendar.net with information about what type of calendar you are using and which events that are not correct and will have a look at it.

I have feature request, what can I do?

Super! Drop us a mail at contact@sportscalendar.net and we’ll see if we can add it.